Allergen Chart

This chart can be used to avoid certain common allergens. However, much of our food is made in the same space and so, we cannot guarantee that food will not come in contact with other allergens. Please alert us of any allergies so that we may assist you in the best way possible.
CategoryItemPeanutsTree NutsDairyEggsWheatGlutenShellfishSesameSoy
StartersBBQ Chicken Potato Skinsxx
StartersBaby Back Sampler with Peanut Coleslawxx
StartersBaby Back Sampler without Peanut Coleslawxxx
StartersBBQ Tri Tip Slidersxx
StartersGrilled Balsamic Shrimpx
StartersBrisket Slidersxxx
StartersTortilla Chipsx
StartersCrispy Chicken Tendersxx
StartersChicken Tortilla Soupxx
StartersChips & Salsa
StartersClam Chowderxxxx
StartersGarlic Rollsxxx
StartersFresh Guacamole & Chips with salsa
StartersFamous Shredded Onions & Friesxx
StartersFamous Shredded Onions & Sweet Potato Friesxx
StartersKiller Wings - Buffalox
StartersKiller Wings - Fieryx
StartersCAB Cheeseburger Slidersxxx
StartersPulled Pork Slidersxxxx
StartersFamous Shredded Onionsxx
StartersSpinach Artichoke Dip with salsax
StartersTri Tip Soup
StartersTurkey Burger Slidersxx
StartersVegetable Soup
StartersWestern Tri Tip Slidersxxx
SaladsAsian Chicken Salad*xxxx
SaladsBBQ Chopped Chicken*xxxx
SaladsBBQ Chopped Tri Tip*xxxx
SaladsCaesar Saladxxx
SaladsNatalie's Saladxx
SaladsHouse Saladxx
SaladsTri Tip Saladxx
DressingsBalsamic Vinaigrette
DressingsBlue Cheesexx
DressingsButtermilk Ranchxx
DressingsChampagne Dijon Vinaigrette
DressingsChipotle Ranchxx
DressingsMint Julep
DressingsTahitian Tomatox
DressingsTangy Italianx
DressingsTangy Sesamex
DressingsThousand Islandxx
BBQ SaucesOriginalx
BBQ SaucesCarolinax
BBQ SaucesChipotle-Cherryx
BBQ SaucesCarolina Gold
Signature BBQWood Ranch Tri Tipx
Signature BBQAll-American Baby Back Ribsx
Signature BBQPecan Wood Smoked Beef Ribsx
Signature BBQBBQ Half Chickenx
Signature BBQBBQ Chicken Breastx
Signature BBQFire-Roasted Half Chicken
Signature BBQCarolina Pulled Porkx
Signature BBQDouble R Ranch Brisket
Signature BBQGiant Short Rib (Original BBQ Sauce)x
Signature BBQGiant Short Rib (Chipotle-Cherry)x
Burgers & SandwichesClassic Burgerxxx
Burgers & SandwichesBuckeye Burgerxxxx
Burgers & SandwichesChop House Burgerxxx
Burgers & SandwichesTurkey Burgerxxx
Burgers & SandwichesHouse-Made Veggie Burgerxxx
Burgers & SandwichesBBQ Tri Tip Sandwichxxxx
Burgers & SandwichesWestern Tri Tip Sandwichxxx
Burgers & SandwichesSanta Fe Chicken Sandwichxxxx
Burgers & SandwichesCarolina Pulled Pork Sandwichxxxx
Burgers & SandwichesEthan's Smoked Brisket Sandwichxxx
Burgers & SandwichesBar-B-Cubano Sandwichxxxx
Burgers & SandwichesUltimate BBQ Sandwichxxx
Steaks & SeafoodTop Sirloin
Steaks & SeafoodCenter-Cut Filet
Steaks & SeafoodKansas City Strip
Steaks & SeafoodRib Eye
Steaks & SeafoodPrime Rib
Steaks & SeafoodRainbow Trout
Steaks & SeafoodFresh Atlantic Salmon
Steaks & SeafoodFish Marinade (contains alcohol)
Steaks & SeafoodBlackened seasoning
Steaks & SeafoodTartar Sauce
Steaks & SeafoodCajun-Honey BBQ Shrimp
Signature SidesOriginal Peanut Coleslawxx
Signature SidesSkillet Baked Beansx
Signature SidesGrilled Corn on the Cob
Signature SidesSmashed Sweet Potatoes (contains alcohol)xxx
Signature SidesSkin-on Fries
Signature SidesMashed Potatoesx
Signature SidesIdaho Baked Potato
Signature SidesLauren's Favorite Mac & Cheesexxx
Signature SidesRoasted Broccoli
Signature SidesVegetarian Black Beans
Signature SidesLong Grain White Rice
Signature SidesNatural Brown Rice
Signature SidesBrussels Sprouts
Premium SidesSteamed Asparagus
Premium SidesSweet Potato Fries
Premium SidesLoaded Baked Potato (bacon & cheddar)x
Premium SidesLoaded Mashed (bacon & cheddar)x
Premium SidesRed Quinoa Mixxx
DessertsWarm Chocolate Cakexxx
DessertsMom's Deep Dish Cobblerxxx
DessertsThe Best Cheesecakexxxx
DessertsOreo Cookie Crunchxxxx