Frequently Asked Questions

Our most frequently asked questions are below. If, after reviewing the information, you still have a question then please click here for our contact form.

  1. Are e-Gift and Digital Gift Cards accepted?

    Currently, we do not accept any type of e-Gift Card or digital Gift Card. When redeeming a Wood Ranch Gift Card, you must present the actual physical gift card at the time of purchase. We do not and cannot guarantee the validity of any alleged Wood Ranch Gift Cards purchased on third party platforms and the like. Further, our Wood Ranch Gift Cards cannot be added to digital wallets or other credit/gift card/rewards card management systems for future redemption as we cannot verify these gift cards’ authenticity.

  2. Reservations

    Please call the Wood Ranch restaurant you’d like to visit to check availability. Click here for a list of locations.

  3. Large Parties/Events

    In addition to our off-premise catering services, we often entertain large parties and events in-house. Please call the restaurant directly and ask to speak with a manager.

  4. Birthday Celebrations

    We love helping our guests celebrate their birthdays! Please notify your server if anyone in your party is celebrating a birthday. At the end of your meal, we will present the birthday guest with a complimentary Signature Hot Fudge Sundae topped with a lit candle.

  5. Days Closed

    Out of respect for our employees, we are closed Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  6. What is Tailgate Service?

    Tailgate service is a convenient way to pick up your “To Go” order at most Wood Ranch locations. Simply call ahead with your order. When you arrive for pick up, park in a designated Tailgate Parking Space. Then, call the location’s Tailgate Service phone number and a server will bring your food directly to your vehicle. Easy! No lines, no waiting!

  7. Catering Services

    We cater fun parties! We’d love the opportunity to cater your next special event, large or small. We promise that your event will be well-planned and organized from start to finish and that we will delight you with delicious, plentiful food and friendly, attentive service. Please call 800.589.RIBS or 805.719.9000 ext. 1 to speak with one of our catering coordinators or click here for additional information.

  8. Gift Card Balance

    To find out your available gift card balance, please check it online by clicking here. In order to properly use the site, you will need to disable any popup blockers in your browser.

  9. Nutritional Information

    We have nutritional information and allergen info available online. Both links may be found at the bottom of every page of our website (including this one).

  10. Avoiding Gluten at Wood Ranch

    In all of our locations, we offer a “Get it Without Gluten” menu. Ask your host for the menu when you arrive. All items on that menu are either prepared without gluten or can be prepared to exclude gluten if requested. We cannot, however, guarantee that your food will not come into contact with gluten after preparation. Item availability varies by location. Please click here for the menu.

  11. Special Dietary Needs

    When placing your order, please inform your server of your special dietary needs. We will do our best to accommodate you.

  12. Recipes

    We do not share our recipes, but thank you for asking!

  13. Donation Requests

    Please review our contact form for Donation requests. If you are school or youth organization, you may qualify for our Free Kids Meal certificates. Please speak directly with your closest location.

  14. Real Estate Inquiries

    Please contact our Marketing department for any real estate opportunities in NEW developments. They can be reached at 805.719.9030,

  15. Franchise & Investment Information

    Currently, we do not offer franchise opportunities. Wood Ranch owns and manages all of our locations.

  16. Limited or Fixed-price menus

    If you’re planning a visit that requires a limited selection or a fixed-price menu, please contact your preferred location directly. We can help you plan the event within your budget. Additionally, we will print a custom menu for you and your guests. Generally, these requests should be discussed at least 1 week in advance.

  17. Personal Information

    Personal Information collected through our website is used only by Wood Ranch. No information will be shared with or sold to another party for any purpose. We will only use this information to contact you within the context it is received, such as to reply to a contact form submission or in relation to our newsletter signup.

  18. Corkage Fee

    All locations charge a $10 corkage fee per bottle. We will provide glassware chilled wine buckets when appropriate.

  19. How to Handle Leftovers

    For current instructions, safety and meal preparation tips, please visit our leftovers page.

  20. Why did you remove … from your menu?

    While we would like to keep on the menu every dish we ever put on, we are guided by the sales performance of each item. Unfortunately, over time, sales of some items fall significantly when measured across all locations. As a result, we often have a lot of waste related to the ingredients we use in the item. As always, we consistently review all decisions made about the menu and we will keep a close eye on the demand for any discontinued item.