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Group Menus

The information below is reference only and will be applicable once all dining restrictions have been lifted. We do apologize for any inconvenience.

If you’re interested in planning an event or large gathering at any of our locations, we may be able to better assist you in hosting the event. We offer Group Menus (also known as fixed price or prix fixe) for large parties which help narrow down the available menu items for your guest, providing you a better estimate of the price per person. Many guests find this helpful in keeping their event within a specified budget and efficient when the time comes to close out the check. Having a pre-designated menu of items allows our Servers to quickly take your party’s order and our kitchens to quickly prepare your items.

Our Managers will work with you to choose a menu with a variety of items that meet your budget and impress your guests. Once the final menu has been decided we’ll email you a copy of the menu that we will print specifically for your guests. We can even include a custom message for your party if you’d like.

Each of our restaurants may have specific requirements or limitations when creating a Group Menu, so please call your preferred location directly and speak with one our managers for specifics.