Allergen Info

Allergen info is a work in progress. Check back later for updates.

Major sensitivities and allergens information may be found by viewing our menu. Please visit your preferred location’s page and browse their menu. Each item lists additional information such as allergens.

Currently tracked and displayed allergens/sensitivities:

  1. Nuts
  2. Gluten

In efforts to continuously improve our accuracy, we are currently reviewing our menu and will update menu information as we are able.

We apologize if this delay causes any inconvenience, but know that we hope to have all major information available soon.

Vegetarian & Vegan options

In addition to displaying allergen indicators, we indicate items that are prepared vegetarian. For our purposes, “vegetarian” excludes meat. At this time we do not declare any items as Vegan. Our reason for this is to avoid any misleading information as the specifics of “Vegan” can vary from person to person. Our made-from-scratch kitchen and knowledgeable team members mean that most of our items can be prepared as needed by informing us of your preferences.