As our dining guest, your health and safety is our top priority. And, when you have leftovers, we want you to enjoy them safely. Following the guidelines below will minimize risks and ensure a better experience with any leftovers you may have whether they’re from a catered event or last night’s meal. If you ever have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us here.

Safe Handling Instructions

  • Refrigerate leftovers within 2 hours of the meal (1 hour in warm weather).
  • Quickly chill leftovers in small containers allowing the temperature to reduce quicker to a safe zone.
  • Store leftovers at ≤ 40º F.
  • For hot leftovers, reheat quickly (and only once) to ≥ 165º F.
  • We recommend discarding leftovers after 3 days. However, items and your preferences may vary.

For more information, visit the USDA Leftovers and Safety website.

Ideas for Leftovers

Our most creative minds are hard at work devising great recipes and ideas for things you can do with your leftovers. Check back soon for video content and helpful tips.