Media Kit

If you’ve been granted permission to use the Wood Ranch logo, you may download a full suite of file formats suitable for print and digital media by using the button below. This will download a .zip file to your computer. Once opened, it will have all of the files needed.

Logo Usage

Do’s & Don’ts

  • Always scale the logo height and width uniformly.
  • Do not edit any element of the logo in any way
  • Do not recolor the logo except when using the approved versions in the download file
  • Do not place the logo over a complex background image or pattern without ensuring clarity of the logo
  • When used with other logos, ensure proper distancing. If the height of the logo is H and the width is W then all other logos  should be no closer than 1 H below or above and no closer than 1/3 W to either side.

Color Usage

When trying to match the Wood Ranch color, use Pantone (PMS) 181c for print and RGB #8a1f02 for digital media.