Catering FAQ

Have a Question?

Our most frequently asked questions are below. If, after reviewing the information, you still have a question about our catering services or menu then please contact our talented catering team at 800.589.RIBS, or click here for our catering contact form.

What is the minimum order?

Our minimum order for a delivery is $150 in food off the catering menu only. Our minimum for a full-service catering is 30 people. Our minimum for grill-on-site is 60 people.

When should I place my order?

We take orders on a first-come, first-served basis. We recommend at least one week’s notice for deliveries, and two or more weeks for a full-service. During summer months and December we book up quickly, so we recommend as much notice as possible.

How do I place an order?

We take all our orders over the phone. We can be reached at (805) 719-9000 ext. 1 or (800) 589-RIBS. You can submit a message on our website to get an order started and have one of our catering coordinators contact you.  However, it may take up to 72 hours to be contacted.

Does Wood Ranch include paper goods?

Yes, when ordering a complete meal off of the catering menu, paper and plastic goods are complimentary.

Can you deliver items off the take out menu?

No, we can deliver only items off the catering menu.  Unfortunately, this also excludes the take-out value packages. Those orders must be picked up and should be placed directly with your local Wood Ranch.

For a full service event, what do I need to provide?

We will need guests to supply at least two six-foot tables plus adequate space.  If the guest is purchasing a full-service, then Wood Ranch could supply the buffet tables for $20 each, if requested. We will provide linens for the buffet tables. Guests will need to provide their own tables and chairs for their guests, we do not provide any of those as rentals.

How long do I have until my final count is needed?

If guests place their order more than a week ahead of time, we will call them five business days prior to the event to confirm the order.  Guests may always increase the order up to two days prior to the event.

Is there any gratuity added?

We do not add any gratuity to pick-ups or deliveries. We do add a 15% gratuity before tax on a full-service and grill-on-sites.

How many servers do I need?

We recommend having one server per 40-50 people. You may request more if desired.

How long do I have my server for?

Our server(s) are generally there for at least four to five hours. However, we go with the flow of your party, so it depends on your party. The server will need a minimum of one hour and 15 minutes to set up, and the grill-on-site service needs a minimum of two hours to set up.

How long can I leave the buffet line open for?

For a delivery, we recommend that you serve the food right away, so it will still be hot and fresh. For a full-service we can have the buffet line open for only two hours. After that our server(s) will pack up any leftovers for the guests.

Where are your locations, and which one is catering my event?

We have 16 restaurants throughout Southern California. We assign the catering out of the Wood Ranch restaurant closest to the guest.

Do you provide China on full-service caterings?

We do not provide China, however, you are more than welcome to supply your own. We do charge an additional $50 scrape-and-stack fee.

Do you bring additional BBQ sauce?

Yes, of course. We go easy on the BBQ sauce when we cook the meats, and always pack plenty of BBQ sauce on the side.

For my guest count, how much will it cost to get catering?

Unless you have 30 or mores guests and are ordering one of our catering packages, our prices are not set per person. So, the cost will vary depending on what items you would like to order.

How does the food travel and stay warm?

The food will travel in insulated hot bags or boxes to ensure it is warm and ready to eat when we arrive.

How does the food arrive?

Depending on the item, the food will come in aluminum pans, black plastic platters, or black plastic bowls.  Our aluminum pans will fit into standard chafing dishes.

Do you require a deposit?

No, we do NOT require a deposit.  A signed contract will secure your date.

Do your servers pass appetizers?

No, our servers do not pass any food.  For appetizers we will set up a stationary table and for your guests to serve themselves.

Can I combine packages?

No, you cannot packages.  You can order additional items a la cart from the catering menu on in addition to the package.

Do you provide drinks?

For an additional charge we can provide assorted soft drinks and bottled water on deliveries.  For a full service event we can also provide lemonade, iced tea, and coffee for an additional charge.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations should be made at least three business days prior to the event date. Cancellations made less than three days prior to the event are subject to a 20% cancellation fee.

What do I do if I have a catering emergency over the weekend?

The catering office is open Monday – Friday from 9am to 5pm. If you have a catering emergency outside of our office hours please contact your local Wood Ranch directly.